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Yahoo Group or Google Group?

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I have participated in several Yahoo groups over the years and liked their convenience to communicate with a group instead of maintaining an email list that some users forget to use the BCC to send emails.

The last one I created would not let people join without using a yahoo email and then it would not let them change to their main email account.  I have joined a new group that wants to create an electronic means of communication.  One suggestion was Facebook but many people didn't feel comfortable with their security and the fact that anyone could add someone to the group.  

One feature of Yahoo Groups that I like is that you have an owner and moderators that could access the membership periodically to make sure only current members of the group were subscribed and the feature of being able to approve new subscribers before they could access the group information.

Does anyone here have experience with Google Groups? Does it work the same way? Do you like them better that Yahoo Groups?  Has Yahoo changed the ability to use whatever email address you want?

Any other suggestions for a free email list for a closed group?

Thank you.

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