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Battery Bargain


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Two of my four starting/system batteries in the Volvo checked bad.  I had expected this as they were six years old.  I pulled all four of them out, loaded them in the back of the LGT and headed to our local Volvo dealer in Ashland, VA.  I was delighted to discover new Exide group 31, 950 CCA batteries were $65 each with my old battery cores.  The cores were worth $39 each - why I don't know.  They would only accept similar group 31 cores.

I looked back in my records to find the cost of my 2012 purchase of the batteries I traded in.  In 2012 I paid $75 each for them at the same dealership.  The cores were valued at $31.  It was nice to find something priced less than the cost six years prior.

Just as a reference, I had to replace the accessory battery in my LGT about a month ago due to a dead cell.   I was lucky, they were one week shy of the three-year free replacement warranty so the nice auto parts guy replaced both the bad starting and good accessory battery for free so the set would match.  Those batteries were listed as $151 each with a $12 core value.  Two batteries for the LGT would have been $302, four batteries for the Volvo were only $260.  Go figure.

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Randy, just picked up 4 batteries this morning what a difference in starting.  My dealer waved the core charge and I did get 4 900 crank amps.  He offered me the starting/deep cycle batteries but I told him I do not need this type of battery, I want pure starting power at -15 below zero.  Yes I play in the mountains in the winter with sleds.  Oh mine were $82 each.

Happy 4th be safe.


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