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Security lugnut removal- dammit


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Changing a tire, used the special tool with the special anti theft nut and an impact, and the damned little special teeth broke right off.


option a- weld a nut on without burning the rim, tire or bearings, then wrench it off ( this sounds like work)

Looking for better options and i think most of you people are smarter than me.


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There are a few options.

Find an impact socket the closest to the nut you are trying to remove and beat it on.  If it holds then you should be able to remove it.  Good idea to use penetrating oil for this application before starting.

Weld a smaller impact socket to it then try to remove it.  Also good to use the penetrating oil trick.

Call a tire service, no doubt they have done it before.

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Are they aluminum rims? Safer to weld on the nuts if steel rims. I think the torque is too much for an anti theft device. They just won’t hold up. Go to harbor freight and buy a welding blanket before you weld. It is cheap enough you can even cut a small hole to fit over the nit befor you weld.

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Hammered on a selection of sockets before i found one that would work.  

Much easier than welding.

Threw all anti theft lugnuts in the trash.

thank you. 

A shop teacher neighbor said he takes an air chisel and cuts a groove in the nut, then hammers them out with the chisel.  Cutting a groove would help with the socket trick too.

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