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New iPhone Will No Longer Secretly Record Every Word You Say


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I always love Articles from the Onion.


This caught my eye:

"World Agrees To Just Take Down Internet For A While Until They Can Find A Good Use For It"

"NEW YORK—Saying the global computer network will cease to be available to users as of midnight tonight, the people of the world announced plans Wednesday to shut down the entire internet until such time as a good use for it can be found.


According to the earth’s 7.5 billion inhabitants, the internet—a technology that allows every human on the face of the planet to communicate and share data with every other human—seemed like an excellent idea at first. But while limited parts of the internet were deemed beneficial and may one day be salvaged, the global populace concluded that the overwhelming majority of it is really awful, and in some cases, even dangerous."

More here:


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