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thinking a over cab rack but one that does not interfere with towing a fifth wheel. needs to hold a good 30 gallons or water in weight, as the bed of the truck has a hitch in it.

only mounting points would be in the bed of the truck. nothing on the roof or extending to the front bumper.

any thoughts here?

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yes i was thinking to the frame. but not sure about how to go about rigging to hold weight with out bending or snapping.

maybe from the uprights along the bed rails to rear of the wheel wells a 3X3X3/8 steel angle bolted to the rail. and in front and at the rear of the wheel wells channel or 2X3 120 wall tubing down to the frame and tubing from the "support" in front of the axle tubing again up to the top of the up rights? might have just enough clearance for this. as it is a short bed.

would draw a picture but do not have a program for doing this, nor knowledge of how to get said posted. but would kinda look like a roll bar set up.

sounds like i might just stay with a bunch of 6 gallon jugs, standing in the bed of the truck.

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