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Tips for Traveling to Canada


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My wife and I are considering a trip from SD to Saskatchewan to visit friends this coming summer and then continue on to BC. We've never traveled in Canada before with our RV and were wondering if anyone has a reference or checklist for things to be aware of and things to do(US and Canadian Customs). Also, travel route from Regina to Vancouver - things to see and do along the way. RV Parks or stops would be helpful too. Thanks.

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In 2015 we crossed into Canada from Havre, MT and found the Canadian road was gravel for about 50 miles through the prairie.  That border crossing was open 8 am - 5 pm.  Unfortunately, our truck broke down about 1 mile north of the border crossing and we were there from 11 am - 8 pm waiting for a tow (truly out in the boonies).  The customs/border guys were understanding and great (even brought us popsicles on their way home from work🌞).  We eventually camped in Cypress Hills National Park - quite lovely -  and then Maple Creek (for two weeks while the truck was repaired) at Willowbend Campground (very nice folks, spacious cg, and convenient to town).  It's fun to be there on July 1 - their national holiday.  The Canadians have nice in their DNA.  Enjoy Sas.

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We traveled through Canada & into AK this past summer.  Best advice is as stated, check the border crossing website.  There you will see that you are allowed to clear customs with "long guns" but no "handguns".  A permit & I believe the fee was $25.00 Canadian for the permit is required & can be downloaded from the website.   I also believe your guns need to be locked (as in trigger locks) and not immediately accessible from the drivers seat.  Depending on your return,  (I think it was 60 days) you may be required to renew (pay) the permit.  

Read & adhere to the border crossing rules & you should have no issues.

Todd E. 

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Icefields Parkway, Alberta

Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

If you are planning to stay at the the federal campgrounds in Canada make reservation ASAP.

Officers at the border crossing have to make a spit second decisions. Eye contact is important. When you hand over the passports look the officer in the eye.  They may ask any type of question.  

When asked about guns/fruit/ firewood/meat it is best to give a short answer that lets the officer know you are an informed traveler.

Sometimes the license plate reader doen't catch the trailer plate so it helps to know the trailer license number if there is one.


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