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Buying an Rv as a non U.S. citizen


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Anyone have any information for an Australian buying, registering and insuring an RV in the U.S.?

I want to travel in the U.S. full time for at least a year, with the Visa permits I can get... who knows hopefully longer.

I have tried Googling, emailing well known You tubers, without any suggestions or no replies, watching vlogs and reading heaps of blogs etc but not a lot out there for non U.S. citizens. Any information would be appreciated. I've read and have viewed there are 4 states I would need to get a domicile, South Dakota, Texas, Nevada and Florida, its pretty confusing and have read some conflicting reports about that. Is that applicable to a non U.S. resident?

So if for example I fly into Florida and want to buy an RV in Florida, Can I use an address of a friend? Should I get a Florida drivers licence before buying, registering and insuring? What about Texas? ... is it easier for a non U.S. citizen there?

It would be great to connect on here with a fellow Australian who has been through the process already. 

Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated. 

regards Marilyn (from Normandy France ... yes I have been living there for the past 10years ... time for a new adventure ... cant wait to RV USA!)

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Welcome to the Escapee forums! 

As it happens, we have several members from various countries who own RVs in the USA and travel with them and Australia is one of the places that is being done from. I suggest that you start by reading this page which was written by an Aussie friend who is presently in the USA, preparing to head back home soon. In addition, with any luck at all one of your countrymen who are active members of Escapee forums will join us to respond to your questions. We can likely answer many of them but the best advice comes from one who has done it. 

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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We did this a few years back. The process of buying and registering a RV if you are not a US citizen is the subject of several threads.

Start by looking for a mailing address that accepts Aussies as the one that we used [Escapees] did not at the time.

Get your B1/B2 visas.

When planning your route be aware that immigration NORMALLY gives you 6 months when you enter. I know of people who have got a year but this is unusual and not to be relied on. So 6 months in the US a month or so in Mexico 6 months more in the US then a month or more in Canada. NB Do not just walk over to Mexico for a day then return expecting to get another 6 months. We met someone who had done this and immigration cancelled his visa and denied him entry. He was left in Mexico with his rig in the US. 

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We went through this 5 years ago and if you follow the rules it's easy, if you try to take shortcuts life could be hard.

Get your B2 visa.

Set up a mail forwarding address with Escapee or any where but Escapee ones are easy and you will need a mail forwarding service when you are travelling don't rely on friends.

When you get to the USA open a bank account. We used BoA.

When you have a bank account set up an LLC through an agent. We used Montana for the LLC as it was easy and there is no sales tax to pay on the RV..This will be your "garaging" address.

Start transferring money into your USA bank account as there is a low limit on the daily amount you can move between banks.

Now go find your dream RV. WALK AWAY.....Do NOT buy the first one you see and get someone to have a look at it for you, then get it inspected, then WALK AWAY and think about what you are spending your hard earned savings on.

When you have bought your RV your agent will handle the title and registration. You must have proof of insurance before you can drive it off the dealers lot. Get recommendations from this forum, we use progressive.

You now have your dream RV a bank account a mailing address and a garaging address, a lot less money in the bank and the open road ahead of you, enjoy every mile of it, we still do after 5 years.

When you get to the state where you RV is titled ( Montana for us) call in at the DMV and book a driving test, when you pass and get a USA driving licence for your garaging address let the insurance know and you should get a 25 to 50% refund on the premium.

Just a little point on buying the RV. It's the salesman's job to get as much out of you as possible they are on commission. The first price will be 15 to 30 % higher than the final price, its a game they play. If you walk away they will soon give you a better deal. "How do you know when an RV salesman is lieing ....... his mouth is moving"

Never buy insurance from an RV dealer.

Never buy service plans from an RV dealer.

Never accept any verbal assurances from an RV dealer get them in writing.

Never buy ANYTHING from Camping World.

If you need any more advice just send a PM



Richard & Hazel.

Full Timers


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