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Found 7 results

  1. As a new TX resident I attempted to get my Monaco motorhome registered they told me I would have to have it weighed first. They said it was a State requirement - that they could not accept what was on my SD title and registration, or on the manufacturer weight placard. I looked on the TXDOT website and found no such requirement. In fact, in the Motor Vehicle Registration Manual it clearly states that a motorhome is registered as a passenger vehicle and a weight certificate is only required if a weight DECREASE is being requested. It seems to me the county tax office is misinterpreting the rules. I have written TXDOT for clarification. What have others found.
  2. Hi there escapees. Firstly, thanks in advance for your help with this. So I have an issue that really needs to be resolved. In 2016, I registered my vehicle in TX -where I'm also domiciled- & drove to the West Coast. I have been moving around the W. Coast ever since. When my vehicle's registration & inspection expired, I stopped driving the vehicle & parked it at my friend's place. It's now 2018 & the vehicle has been parked there & sitting -with expired inspection & registration- for over a year now. In TX, a vehicle must be inspected to be registered to get the combined sticker. As I do intend to move back eventually, just not quite yet, I would like to keep my TX domicile. My vehicle & I are both still on the W. Coast. What is the best way to (re-)register my vehicle now? What are my options, if any? I am willing to sell the vehicle in it's current state on the W. Coast & get a new vehicle, if necessary. If I do have to sell it in its current state, how would I go about that? [it can tow some heavy stuff & has low miles, so if you're on the W. Coast & interested in buying it to help me out, please PM me for details] Thank you again everybody for your help, :-)
  3. Background: Active duty TX resident serving outside of TX getting ready to retire with > or = 60% disability in JULY 2019 purchasing a new to me, Airstream before retirement in the state of WA. *** Qualifying Statement*** I have looked on the internet for these answers but, don't think I am wording the question correctly to give me the answers I need. Question: 1). Do I have to register the Airstream in WA?; 2). If not, where is the least financially impactful state to register (8.25% sales tax in WA for example)?; 3). For the veterans out there, what state offers "lifetime tags" for disabled vets? Apologies if these are stupid questions and, thank you in advance.
  4. Anyone have any information for an Australian buying, registering and insuring an RV in the U.S.? I want to travel in the U.S. full time for at least a year, with the Visa permits I can get... who knows hopefully longer. I have tried Googling, emailing well known You tubers, without any suggestions or no replies, watching vlogs and reading heaps of blogs etc but not a lot out there for non U.S. citizens. Any information would be appreciated. I've read and have viewed there are 4 states I would need to get a domicile, South Dakota, Texas, Nevada and Florida, its pretty confusing and have read some conflicting reports about that. Is that applicable to a non U.S. resident? So if for example I fly into Florida and want to buy an RV in Florida, Can I use an address of a friend? Should I get a Florida drivers licence before buying, registering and insuring? What about Texas? ... is it easier for a non U.S. citizen there? It would be great to connect on here with a fellow Australian who has been through the process already. Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated. regards Marilyn (from Normandy France ... yes I have been living there for the past 10years ... time for a new adventure ... cant wait to RV USA!)
  5. EDIT: Since the majority of the replies deal with the A/B license, I'll state here what I should have in the first place: our MH rating is 22,000#. The way I understand Texas requirements, that means a standard license, not A/B. Thanks, I knew I should have included that info but somehow it got lost when I edited and re-edited the post. Hi, we're new SKP members and preparing to launch full time next month if our house buyers don't back out of the contract (that's a whole other story). We have very flexible travel plans and my job permits me to live near any of more than 100 cities. We're planning to head to Livingston after launching from Arkansas, and I'm wondering how long you'd recommend staying there to complete our SKP mail setup and vehicle/driver's license registration there in Livingston. We were planning to start out near friends in Weatherford, TX but thought it would be easiest to swing through Livingston first and get everything done in person. I want to be sure I budget the right amount of time to get everything done so that we can get started on our full time adventure.
  6. Coming from California We were going to register our vehicles and get our driver license in El Paso, TX. We didn't want to drive in the summer heat across Texas to Livingston but... I read a Texas vehicle registration post here and My husband called Livingston, TX to see if we needed to drive into Livingston, TX to register our vehicles. Yes, we do need to drive across Texas to register our vehicles. ( about $500 dollars in gas from El Paso, TX to Livingston, TX for us) I'm crossing my fingers and hoping we get our driver license & registration with no problems. On the upside I'm excited about staying at Rainbow Escapee Campground then driving somewhere cool.
  7. Greetings all! We're a family of four ... Michael, Bethany (that's me), Douglas (13) and Fynn (8) + two cats, who went straight from renting a house in PA to full-time travel in December. We started out in our diesel pickup and 30' TT, and so far have been camped in the driveway of family in Knoxville, while we make TN our domicile and figure out how to actually make a living while we travel . Cart before the horse I know, but it's the way we roll I guess ... will be over the the RV on a Budget forum next, for sure! We brought a pile o' tools along, a list a mile long of friends and family that we want to visit, and a short but growing list of folks who want work done. We're artists, handy in a pile of ways (and I'm a web designer on the side), and so far having been making ends more or less meet with design work and some busking in the market square with portrait drawing. We hope to design/build/fix/paint stuff wherever we can, for whatever (if anything) folks have to pay, and trust that it all works out in the end. We have a website at www.heartloose.com if you want more details on the dreams and the reality, as they make a messy mix whether you're on the road or not! One question (for now) ... TN doesn't require trailer registration ... and as we bought it (in NY) right before we came down, the registration hasn't been transferred here yet, nor does it have to be so long as we're here. So once we leave TN, the fact that there are no plates on the trailer ... is this going to get us pulled over or hassled? I'm assuming that as most states do require registration, we'll have issues sooner or later. And at some point we'll be hoping to wander into Canada, and possibly also Mexico. Just asking on the very slim chance that I don't have to go pay the taxes and registration fees on it before we pull out of here in 2 weeks . Thanks in advance, and glad to find a place with lots of questions and lots of answers! Cheers, Bethany www.heartloose.com
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