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A&E Wind Pro Awning Issues

Red Crewzer

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I have an 8 year old A&E Wind Pro awning that will not stay rolled out. I have tried all the different wind speed setting, removed the power to the control board and reconnected, all to no avail. I sent a message to Dometic via there message board and with NO response. Very poor customer service (past experience) and nothing has improved with them.

My question is: Can I disconnect the wind sensor out on the end of the arm and just wire it back direct and then would it just work like a normal awning with no sensor? We do not leave it out during windy days or during any kind of rain storm. Just want it to stay rolled out so I can have shade. Does anyone have a good wiring diagram for the Wind Pro awning?

Thanks any and all suggestions.

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I don't remember if the '08 model has a remote transmitter. If it does, the remote has instructions on the back on how to eliminate the wind sensor and make it simply a manual open and close mode. I can tell you from experience that the windsensor, located on the end of the front arm, are absolute junk. Replacement of control box and wind sensors twice on 2 rigs prove to me it's a design/calibration issue. Dometic won't admit it and aren't any help at all. That's as nice as I can be. Wonder if and when they are gonna fix it?

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3 wind sensor and control box combos in 1st 4 years of ownership, been turned off at control box switch now for over 6 years. Only deploy when we are at the rv and close when wind picks up. Still quicker and easier to use than a manual awning.

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