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  1. Has anyone ever installed a window awning on their bathroom window? We can not use our main patio awning that much because of the wind and thought if we had an awning over the bath window it would be a big help. Down side is that we would not be able to mount to any of the metal wall studs, sides or top. Does anyone know of a molly that would work in styrofoam wall insulation that Tiffin uses? Don't want to rip the wall apart because stress of the awning when open. This would be installed on a 2008 Allegro Bus. There is plenty of clearance around the window to put a 36" awning.
  2. Has anyone ever used the GotW3 router and service to get an internet connection/service? In need of something more than our Verizon Unlimited data plan using our iPad as a Hotspot? We are using between 15-40 gigabits per month (no streaming) and getting throttled after 15 gigabits. Anyone have experience with this system? Supposedly you can stop anytime and reactivate later as you do not have a contract. The base unit cost about $230 with a $99 per month service fee for Unlimited data with not throttling. They do offer as an option an external directional antenna and also an optional booster. Each of these cost extra of course.
  3. Has anyone ever used Dish Network TV / Internet bundle for their RV? Does anyone know how that works? Have not called Dish yet, but looking at their web site, it does not give much information about it. We do have an old dish base on the roof now, no head, and was hoping something could be replaced and use the existing cables. Does anyone know of someone near Foley, AL who does Dish for rv's? We are staying on private property at the Rainbow Plantation. We presently have a Broadband connection through a tablet with Verizon, but the service signal is extremely poor here in south AL. Cell service is almost as bad. Some calls don't even ring in, just go straight to voice mail. We can not hardly do Skype or even the new Zoom without getting interrupted. Thanks for all suggestions and help.
  4. I am having the propane tank removed from my bus (2008 Allegro Bus QRP) as it is no linger needed (all electric now). I believe this may have been covered before, but can not find anything about it. What I am attempting to do is make this into a storage compartment for miscellaneous things (blocks, hoses, etc). I'm thinking a wood floor and may be wood sides or maybe sheet metal sides. I know I need to add some framing around the one side and back, along with working around the jack leg in one corner. Did not plan to cover the top as my slide out drive shaft extends into the that compartment. Looking for any suggestions for this design, ie: using wood (treated plywood), sheet metal, framing (steel or aluminum)? The door does not have a lock in the handle, but the compartment for my hydraulic pump does, so thought I could switch them. The locking handle one is not electronic, but maybe I could add that later. If you have done this to your coach, sharing of pictures would a be help.
  5. Ok, looks like I will be putting a hole into my ceiling to get a rotating antenna mounted. Now which one? Local dealer is pushing the Winegard RZ-6035 Rayzar z1 rotating antenna. I was also considering the King Jack OA8501 with the included signal finder. Reviews do give the King Jack a slightly better review, because of the signal finder feature. Dealer also suggested I remove my old King Dome and put the new antenna in it's place up front closer to the tv and control panel running a new short cable on top of the roof and then through a new hole in the roof to a lower cabinet. Thoughts?
  6. Thanks for the input. That said, I don't want to put a hole in the ceiling of my motorhome. Are the newer model omnidirectional antennas and the newer model control better than a 12 year old antenna? I do have an old dome satellite sitting in the very front of my roof and wondered about relocating the antenna from back part of the roof to this new location. Old antenna sits between two air conditioners, where the location of the old dome sits right up front. Thoughts? Don
  7. I have an OmniDirectional Antenna on my 2008 motorhome that doesn't get very good reception. After doing a scan I get maybe 10 channels on one tv and get maybe 15 channels on the second tv. Our neighbors, 50 feet away with a batwing crank up antenna, gets 20 channels. Is my antenna just getting old? Nothing has changed in the coach, same tv's, cables. I did replace the splitter with a new one and made sure those connections were tight. I do use a booster at the incoming connection outside. Don't want to put hole in ceiling to go back to old style crank up antenna. Are there any good omnidirectional antennas on the market? I have looked at the motorized over the air antennas, but the reviews are not very good. All suggestions appreciated.
  8. Replaced the battery. Found two cells completely empty of liquid. Towed twice with it now and all seems to be ok. Back to keeping check on the battery liquid levels myself. Kirk: I use an air brake system, so no drain from auxiliary brake system.
  9. I tow a 2006 Honda CRV all wheels down. I have started having dead battery issues on the Honda after towing for only a couple hours. Just started happening the last three times towing. Nothing has been changed and I have towed this vehicle for nine years. Possible battery going bad in car (weak cell, weak load capacity)? Thoughts?
  10. The bridge we crossed with the toll was north bound I-65.
  11. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!! We crossed the new bridge from Kentucky into Indiana in June and low and behold it is a toll bridge with NO toll booths, just a camera taking pictures and then they send you a bill. It is all electronic. Did not see any signs telling you about the toll ( may have not seen it as we were busy watching traffic ). We have no choice but to drive across as it is the only way to get from Kentucky into Indiana. Not sure if the bridge going south is toll or not. New bridge makes the two separate bridges one way traffic. Probably will try to avoid this area in the future, if that is possible. There loss.
  12. Has anyone used the Vista Shade Rollup Sun Shade? It says it will work on my Dometic Wind Pro awning assuming I turn off the wind sensor when I tie it down. If you have one of these, what color did you choose? On Amazon it only comes in black, but a couple other sites I looked at you do have the option of different color. Thoughts?
  13. Has anyone ever stayed at Pioneer RV Park in Wellton, AZ? Park appears to have a fair amount of activities, lots are decent sized according to web site and the price is quite reasonable. I looked at rvparkreviews.com for reviews, but there are only two and one was from last year. Thoughts?
  14. This was the only way I could get my picture posted for showing. Do I need the bypass valve? I will be replacing the black connecting hose as is leaking. Just need to find where I can purchase the black hose. Any ideas?
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