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Yahoo Groups Email Options


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I belong to several Yahoo groups and in the past have been able to change the email address that I receive the group messages at. I tried to add a new address to one of my groups and the option to Add New Email wasn't there.


I checked several of my groups and found the option missing there also. I then Googled "How to Change my email address in a group" and found these directions in several locations.


You can do it in the "Edit Membership" section.
  1. On the group's main page, click Membership. | Edit Membership.
  2. Next to "Identity," click the Edit Settings icon .
  3. Select your desired email address. Tip: If the address that you want to use isn't listed, click Add New Email.
  4. Click Save.


Does anyone know why the "Add New Email" option is no longer available?


Thank you.

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