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Just getting started - Rust prevention methods


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Hi Everyone,


This summer I purchased a previously converted school bus but still ended up deciding to tear everything out and start over!


I am documenting the processes here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfKad9wvMSc7wCW3_11trYA


Currently the deconstruction is almost complete but the videos are a few weeks behind.


I would be very interested in any general feedback or comments.


At the moment my main question to others is about methods of rust prevention from condensation.

  • We will be able to treat the inside as the panels have all been removed and are considering a spray liner as the first layer and spray foam insulation.

Any sharing of tested experiences would be appreciated :-)

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We used this on metals that were below the waterline or in the bilge areas of the yachts I used to build.

Works well in protecting and stopping existing rust.

Also used it in restorations of VW Beetles and Bugs!


Just DO NOT allow it to drip on your skin.... it becomes permanent and will take weeks/months to wear or scrub off!

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Can I ask what you're planning on doing for the interior surface? ..... steel, alum, wood?... replacing the existing panels?


Spray insulation (foam) would be a really good way to go. Make sure to use the polyurethane, Home Depot has a kit. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Touch-n-Foam-600-Board-ft-Polyurethane-2-Component-Spray-Foam-Kit-4006062600/204962775

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