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Interesting Article on Data Use

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On android you can look under Settings | Data Usage to see data use and how much each app uses. There's also a tab for Wifi data usage but I haven't played with that so much.

One of the keys for me in saving smartphone data was to restrict app background data for data-thieving apps. That way only use data when they are running in the foreground or on wifi.


I've collected some data-saving ideas on a dinky wiki..

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Right on, wild man. I automate that process with something Llama (free) or Tasker ($). It keeps me from forgetting to use wifi where it available. Using Llama more these days.


My house, work, and other known wifi points are collected in a profile I call WIFI_HERE. Llama knows where it is by looking at nearby cell towers, which the phone is already doing anyhow. So when it sees a tower near WIFI_HERE it turns on the wifi. So before I get through the door the phone is already talking to the wifi. And the phone isn't draining the battery looking for wifi when there is none nearby.


Food for thought.

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I have to look into that one. Last month as i'm now on the 2gb plan with verizon. had 1.41 left over. An i used it a lot. wife always the data hog.

So i told her this month we have 3.41. As we get into the car, she already on her phone using data. So i said ya just shut off the pc how soon do you need to go back on line for. (Didn't go well) lol.

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