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I'm new to the site.

I recently purchased a fantastic 1996 Fleetwood Pace Arrow Vision.

There is one issue with it. The previous owner had a problem with no power from Gen set,

So he "modified" the PLM 30A. That was not the problem. Gen needed voltage regulator.

What I need now is an internal picture of the PLM30A so that I can restore it back to its original configuration.

I know some of you will tell me to replace it but I'm the guy that likes to restore vehicles back to original condition.

If any one can help me with schematics or internal pics of the RV Electronics PLM-30A.

I know that the company no longer exists but any info will be appreciated.


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I don't know if it helps any, but it's on file with the patent office. If you click the "Images" link it should take you to scans of the original document that contains several pages of wiring schematics. The main link will provide (about half way down) descriptions of each schematic. If they don't make sense to you.. they might to your RV tech.


You do realize that it is not original equipment for your Fleetwood though, right. Just sayin.. ;)

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