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Financing a Toterhome

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Hey Guys, I am looking at a 2009 45' Toterhome with a 10' garage. The sale price is around $170ish. The lenders I have contacted will not tell me what kind of income I would need to purchase this without applying first.


Anyone have an idea on what the income requirements are for used Toterhome loans?


I will have no debt at time of applying, 700 credit score, (only 4.5 years of credit history, 3 years of home ownership though). I will plan on full time living in the RV.


I just want to make sure I can get a loan based on income prior to selling the house. The downpayment and monthly payments for 20 years is not an issue.


Thank you in advance.

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"The downpayment and monthly payments for 20 years is not an issue".....are you sure you'd want to be wrapping up a 20 year note on a then 27 year old asset with next to zero value ?




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If you finance $170k at 6% for 20 years the payment will be $1,217.93 but the income required will be determined by the lender that you choose. There really isn't any income figure as the answer is based not only on your income but also on your payments, your expenses, number of dependents, other debts, credit card expenses, and a very long list of other information. The reason that your not getting any answers is that there are none without the application. What lenders want is ability to pay.

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