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Slide Problem


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I have an unusual problem with my big slide (16') on my 2011 Jayco Pinnacle 5th wheel. It goes out without any problem; when I retract it, the slide will come in about 2 inches and stop - like it gets hung up on something. I've jacked up the slide from the outside 1-2 inches and looked underneath and can't see anything that looks like it is binding or catching. I have found 3 ways of getting the slide in: 1) if two strong guys lift and push on the outside of the slide when retracting, it will come in; 2) if I remove most of the weight out of the slide (leaving only the frig.) it will come in OK;, 3) if I use a jack (and a 2x4) to lift up on the outside bottom of the slide, it will come in OK.

In all 3 situations, I hear a slight "click" when it passes the first 2 inches, and then it comes in fine, once it is past that first 2-3 inches.

Has anyone had a similar problem? Any ideas on the cause and how to fix it? Comments would be appreciated. Larry

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Fold back the carpet on the slide and watch while someone hits the retract button. You are looking for the edge of the slide hitting the floor of the RV instead of riding up the ramp. If that is your problem check to see if you need additional supports the floor. These will be welded to the frame and supported the floor. I had to add 2 to mine.

Ron C.

2013 Dynamax Trilogy 3850 D3

2000 Kenworth T2000 Optimus Prime

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I'm not sure if this applies in your case but I was able to find out what was causing mine to bind on the out cycle. The stringers are losing or have lost their camber...So I need to put a couple of safety jacks under the back rear of the trailer and use the front landing gear to lift the front up and try to push the rear down. The rear doesn't go down but it straightens out the longitudinal stringer enough to allow the slideout not to bind on the first couple of inches of the out cycle. Also screws on the trim mold at the transition from vertical to the underbelly wrap were coming loose so clearly something was flexing.


No wear marks or screws grinding into the opening??



All Brands RV, Jerry

1 574-293-1473


Call him.

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