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Sticky slideouts


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Trailer is a 2001 or 2 Travel Supreme. Both of the big slides are sticking initially on deployment. On checking, the top of the slideout is catching on the recess in the side of the coach when retracted. Upon deployment the top rear corner sticks. If I stop the process, sometimes it will let go. Other times I bring it back in a little and then send it out again and it goes out without any further issues.


The trailer has an enclosed underbelly so nothing visible there and no obvious adjustment points anywhere else. Nothing has changed in the trailer and the underside of the floors are solid, no rot so nothing has sagged. If anything had sagged it would lower the slideout which would eliminate the pinch point at the top.


I've tried putting lino tiles on the carpet during the last foot of retraction figuring to tip the bottom up so as to tip the top down and out but still working on that.


There has to be an adjustment somewhere.


No -one around these parts has a solution.


Not able to make contact with Midwest Custom RV, they seem to have evaporated. I get a dead end.


Any ideas.



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On my Cameo, I recently had the off door slide begin sticking on retract. For now I just go outside and push on the slide while the wife engages the switch and it seems to work good for a short term fix. When we get parked for awhile, I will investigate it further and do a permanent fix.


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