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We Love Our Volvo!

Dennis M

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First time for some serious mountain work this summer and could not be happier.


Last month we did the Salt River Canyon in Northern Arizona.


This Monday we went over La Vita pass (9,413 ft) on Colorado 160, ninth gear all the way up at the speed limit and ninth all the way down with the engine brake on, never touched the service brake.


Tuesday over Wolf Creek Pass (10,850 ft). Up was tough as there was road work limiting traffic to one lane most of the way up Westbound, which meant two complete stops for 15 to 20 minutes each time. Just started in 1st from a dead stop on steep uphill and no problems.


Coming down the West side, 6th gear and engine brake held 25 to 30 MPH all the way down without touching the service brake (speed limit for over 26k is 25 mph).


Sign me "love my Volvo!"



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