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2nd thoughts on buying a RV


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At first I wrote about and was thinking of a 2006-2008 gas Winny, Tiffin, or National Sea Breeze, etc. After reading and thinking, I thought about the idea about a DP. in the 1990's to 2000. Everything from a Bluebird, Newmar, Foretravel, Country Coach, etc. Again, I plan on fulltiming with my wife out West, boondocking and RV parks (%50-%50). Any thoughts? Thanks

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We purchased a 2000 well cared for Monaco Dynasty. We researched many models and had several on our short list

When you find one you need to spend hours going over it with a fine tooth comb. Hire a certified inspector to do the job if your not sure, this will cost a couple hundred dollars

Set aside about $400 dollars that you ate prepared to lose. You will take it to a large diesel facility such as freightliner or Cummins. Have them check out the engine including injectors belts etc. Have them take tranny and engine oil samples to have tested. Make sure they check for codes. Have them inspect the chsssis , shocks etc

Make this inspection a condition of the sasle and make sure that you personally make the arrangements and tell thecdealer or seller where it will go. Do not let them tell you they have already done this. They have not!

The report is yours, getting the samples will take a few days.

Use the unfonto masks a decision

It is not a gaurentee of trouble free days however it can help you make a decision.

We did this at a freightliner fascilty. It literally took them hours and were very happy to have Ron observe and they explained a few things as well

Sure a year later we had the alternator failed but we were comfortable knowing that their senior mechanic told us he'd have no qualms buying it.

We were prepared to losevcthat money and walk away

Do not allow your self to be so dazzled with the floor plan that you overlook the power plant.

Ron & Linda

Class of 2007
2000 Monaco Diplomat

2005 Honda Element

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are" Theodore Roosevelt

"We can't control the wind, but we can adjust our sail"

"When man gave up his freedom to roam the earth, he gave up his soul for a conditioned ego that is bound by time and the fear of losing its attachments."

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It can work out just fine. I'd highly advise that you have it checked out thoroughly by an inspector. Also, if buying from a private parts, if he can give you all the maintenance and repair receipts that would definitely be an added plus. Good luck in your search!

Full-timed for 16 Years
Traveled 8 yr in a 2004 Newmar Dutch Star 40' Motorhome
and 8 yr in a 33' Travel Supreme 5th Wheel

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