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Escapade boondocking area question

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That would be OK, I have an awning, 12v fans, and a solar panel, and I plan on not leaving her in for long spells. Do you happen to know how tight the campers are parked? I ask this because, 1) I'm not a great backer into tight places, and 2) In addition to the small dog, I will be traveling with three birds, and they have a 4x4x6 portable aviary I like to get them outside into for a few hours/day. My rig is a 16' TT and a Silverado. This will be my first out-state trip, prepping for a winter in AZ area


16' Taylor Coach TT/Silverado tow vehicle

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Hi Peg,


At rallies, the spacing is "rally parking"...they are tight (I believe about 25' per space is allowed) as the crew is parking hundreds of rigs in a confined area in a very short time frame.

But please don't worry...there is a great parking team who will help you get backed in. There is not usually room for all the toys some folks would like, but that is the nature-of-the-beast. :)


We're all here to learn, have fun, and enjoy some great RV socializing and there is about 70,000 square feet of indoor space where most of the activities take place....you'll be busy most of the time!


Rest assured that you'll get parked in good fashion with lots of help, if you want it. The Awesome Parking Crew is amazing and they have a great team with Security and Customer Service...they will take good care of you!


Big hugs and we'll see you in Vermont! (The weather here is perfect...no AC needed as yet!)


Bob and Molly

Two drifters...off to see the world....
SKP #73997

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