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This anti-drone ray will soon protect the skies at US airports


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The AUDS ray uses thermal imaging for detection, and powerful, directional radio frequency inhibitor to jam signals to drones — making them unresponsive.




"Every once in a while you'll hear of a drone causing trouble, either because it breached security perimeters or because someone though it'd be a great idea to strap a firearm to one in what might be the least smart thing to do since flying one over the White House walls.


But there's a bigger, more realistic, and all-too-regular issue: people are flying drones far too close to aircraft.


A trio of British companies have banded together to develop an anti-drone ray, which will soon be arriving at US airports, as part of the federal government's efforts to keep small, unmanned aircraft away from the larger, manned variety.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will soon begin trials of the ray, known as the Anti-UAV Defense System (AUDS), to detect and identify potentially dangerous or hostile drones in the near vicinity to airports."


There are several live links in the ad that are really eye opening here: http://www.zdnet.com/article/this-anti-drone-ray-will-soon-protect-the-skies-at-us-airports/?tag=nl.e566&s_cid=e566&ttag=e566&ftag=TRE49e8aa0

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