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Can't retract tongue jack enough to remove blocks underneath

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Need advice. When unhitching my trailer, I was unable to get the ball to release from the hitch. Being new at this, I thought that I needed to elevate the tongue higher. As it turns out, I had to move the truck an inch to get them to separate. Now, I have a different problem. I can't retract the tongue jack far enough to get the base off of the blocks. I really need advice.


The blocks are Lynx level caps, so if I can just get it high enough, I can shove one out.


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You have a couple of different ways that this can be done. One would be to use the automobile jack to lift the trailer tongue higher. Place blocks under the auto-jack so that it will go high enough but not so many that you won't be able to get it out after you remove one block or so. Another way is to raise the tongue as high as possible with your tongue-jack and place something under the tongue to support it will you raise the tongue-jack enough to remove a block. Of course, all of this is with the trailer unhooked from the tow vehicle.

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Put blocks under hitch and then lower trailer back down so you can get a block out then go back up and get the blocks out from under the hitch you may need to do this process a couple times

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