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Solar-powered plane completes journey across Pacific Ocean


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This is exciting and amazing for me. Yay team Solar Impulse 2.


In 1903 The wright flyer went 120 feet and from that crude powered flight only 12-14 years later it had developed into the fighters and bombers with timed machine guns to fire between the prop blades.


The Solar Impulse 2 is far advanced beyond where the wright flyer was when it debuted powered flight. We now have electric cars that go more than 250 miles on a charge with more performance than their counterparts using ICE engines. They started Tesla in 2003 and it is 13 years later. In 13 years maybe we will be flying more leisurely on solar electric passenger planes?


A new threshold has been crossed. Go here for the AP article with a lot of pics and some videos too for those who can:




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