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HELP! Where do I park my RV when visiting friends/family in San Diego-area HOAs?


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We're going to visit/housesit for family friends in La Mesa, Calif., next week. Their HOA does not allow ANY vehicles parked on the street or driveways, for that matter, let alone RVs. The city laws also prohibit RV street parking longer than 72hrs, even if we decided to thwart HOA rules.


Does anyone have ANY advice about where we could park our RV for up to a week so we could enjoy free accommodations all to ourselves?!? We have a great chance to live cheaply (read: free) while enjoying an amazing area. We'd hate to miss out on this opportunity. Any advice would be much appreciated, especially from folks who might know this area specifically. Thanks!


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I would imagine you might be able to find an RV/Boat storage facility. That would probably be cheaper than parking in a CG. I have no idea what rates around that area run, but $50-$100 a month isn't too bad. If they would give you a weekly rate.. even better. Aside from that you might also look for churches in the area. I've made donations in the past for being allowed to park my rig for a few days in their parking lot. One other option might be asking a local hotel/motel.

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Many churches will allow it (and a donation is appreciated), especially if you are affiliated with that Denomination or Religion. Most RV parks have a storage area. Or your family/friends may know of other non HOA family/friends where you can leave your RV for a few days. RV Park storage is where I would look, first. You will have to pay...no free ride.

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Take it to an RV dealer/service facility and ask for a minor maintenance item to be done. It'll take a week just for them to get around to looking at it.

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