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  1. Take it from the folks who have done it... if you already have the tiny living mentality, then I think you're great candidates for something small — whether it be 25ft or less motorhome or 18ft or less TT. We are insanely jealous of the #VanLife and tiny travel trailer folks... but we don't regret our decision to do a 26-foot Class A because of all the extra storage (especially when you don't have a pull/tow vehicle).
  2. I personally converted to Mac because that's all I used for work the past decade. However, your use sounds strictly personal, so you could probably save a lot of money by sticking to PC. I personally wouldn't go the Dell route just because that isn't their strength these days (not like the "Dude, you got a Dell" days).
  3. GEICO was the cheapest quote we received, so we went that route. Interesting to read so many positive posts about Progressive...maybe we'll give them one more look.
  4. Good Sam wouldn't cover us for this exact reason... we were floored to learn that some insurance companies mandate a tow vehicle. I know some folks on this message board are adamant about having one, but as you suggested, it isn't always necessary when you work remotely and plan in advance. There are companies out there that will still insure you without a tow vehicle, so I wouldn't get an extra car just to store somewhere. We personally go through Geico, but only because it was the cheapest option we found. I venture a safe guess that there's better coverage out there.
  5. Those 4-wheelers would be a game-changer in a place like Moab. Well done.
  6. We pounced on a workamping gig already, but we're already envious of some last-minute openings we find since we accepted our job last week. Good luck finding a replacement couple.
  7. Stories like this put in perspective the bad week we're having so far after we accidentally backed our RV bike rack into a utility steel cable (stupid, we realize). I hope Camping World treats you all well... good luck. Glad to hear y'all are keeping an upbeat mentality. That isn't easy to do when this is your livelihood.
  8. We gave in and got insurance via the ACA marketplace. We were able to sign up after the usual deadline because of a significant life event (marriage and left our jobs). We weren't thrilled with the options (to say the least), but those PPO plans did seem to be the best bet so we could simply afford to be covered. Should something catastrophic occur, it's nice to know we have some protection, but we probably will never use the coverage because of the high up-front deductible. I guess it beats being fined next tax season...depending how much rates go up next year.
  9. Interesting read, thanks for sharing. It's good to see a news outlet cover this growing trend. That includes the number of people RVing by their own choice or against their will. I have met plenty of both in nine short weeks on the road.
  10. We had to pay about $75/month to store our RV... I wouldn't expect anything less than $50/month in any major metropolitan area. Something to keep in mind after you give in and purchase your rig.
  11. youngfulltimers

    SXSW 2017

    It's a long shot, but Pecan Grove RV Park is the only centrally located RV park in the city. We tried to stay there our final days in Austin without luck, so there aren't a lot of spots up for grabs.
  12. Good advice to learn as I'm trying to somehow visit Venice next month to reunite my dog with one of our old roommates. We were going to avoid LA entirely before, and now we're trying to figure out a way to get at least one night in the area, which seems especially RV unfriendly.
  13. We have done an "Ask A Truck Driver" series on our blog before by asking my uncle (retired trucker) questions that would be applicable to full-time RVers. I hope to continue using my uncle for this series, but I'd also appreciate opinions from other truckers willing to share their own "Life On The Road" experiences + advice for RVers on sharing the road with truckers. Anyone interested can private message us with their email address, and we'll respond with specific questions you can answer at your own convenience. I also welcome any questions that may yield interesting feedback fro
  14. Smaller the better! If fulltiming, maybe nothing under 25-26 feet long. The key is having enough storage... you really don't need that much space inside, especially if you plan on going out of your rig to enjoy each destination. Keep it small! That's just our two cents.
  15. I probably meet more fulltimers and extended travelers in Airstreams than any other individual brand. Probably a little bit hype, but ultimately they are popular for a reason—especially in Austin, where we're from.
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