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Is there a way to delete a topic immediately after submitting to the forum?

To my knowledge there is no way to completely delete a topic. You can simply remove the contents of the post using the "edit" procedure....... Or you can request a deletion via the Admins. Dennis

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No way for you to delete a topic once posted but if you do a report (light gray link at the bottom right, darker if you hover the mouse over the post) and ask the topic be deleted an admin will likely do it (sooner or later) if there aren't other posts of value.


To keep following posts to your topic down it is best to delete the initial post contents and just put the word "deleted" in the post. If there are posts there that the admin thinks are of value they may not delete the topic.


You can also change the topic title to "Please delete me" and you may see it gone sooner as the weekend spam fighters will see that and you wouldn't need to wait for an admin to visit.


If it is a duplicate post due to a forum glitch just change the deleted to duplicate in the post body and the title to "Please delete me - duplicate" and someone can clean it up.


The admins can do a lot of cleanup if they have the time but they usually don't. Please don't skip the report though, it is good for the admins to see what is going on here and they don't normally see much without the reports to get their attention.


The weekend moderators (spam fighters actually, not normally allowed to do content moderation) can do limited cleanup but have far less ability and authority. Doing the edits above as soon as you see an issue gives you the best odds the weekend moderators will be able to deal with before it accumulates more posts an admin will have sort out.

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