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New forum seeks to unite 100 cities in standards to drive smart city innovation


Now this will create new industries and ways of doing things that will be crucial to the economies of the cities that participate in building their cities out as Smart. This is real, happening now, and for investors the opportunities are obvious. This is an Initiative I am going to track like I did Tesla and BEVs, and Hydrogen ICE vehicles and the early hydrogen generator stations that were the size of an enclosed 6X12 utility trailer.




"TM Forum has formed a collaboration of seven cities to push creation of smart cities through open data sharing and standardization. The goal is to have more than 100 cities participating.


The smart city industry is projected to be a $400 billion market by 2020, with 600 cities around the globe expected to generate 60% of the world's GDP by 2025, according to McKinsey research.

There will be a huge digital divide between the cities that take these innovative steps, such as Atlanta, compared to other cities that resist change. Those cities will fall behind within a couple of years, Piva said.


The Smart City Forum will try to combine the knowledge of leaders from around the globe and utilize the things that work in other cities, creating a sort of global app store of application and utilization that will be available to everyone, Piva said.


Atlanta's smart city initiative


The city of Atlanta was a natural fit for the new forum, said Samir Saini, commissioner and CIO for Atlanta.


"For Atlanta, we sort of accidentally fell into the smart city initiative. We were already doing things in the city that you could argue fall under the smart city umbrella," Saini said."


Much more in the Tech Republic article here: http://www.techrepublic.com/article/new-forum-seeks-to-unite-100-cities-in-standards-to-drive-smart-city-innovation/?ftag=TRE684d531&bhid=19724681974700635514865380622813

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