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Axle spring sleeves


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Got a question maybe some of you can answer (anybody with traditional springs under the RV... not MorRyde)


I purchased an old flatbed trailer for hauling farm stuff---pretty basic 20' trailer with 2 6000 axles under it. Its got the old standard 1-3/4" springs and center rocker hangers. The only real problem is the sleeves in the springs are shot, letting the bolts rub on the spring itself. You can buy the "hanger kit" anywhere for about $50 for the whole thing, thats easy. BUT...the thing I'm having a little trouble finding is the actual replacement sleeves for the springs--everybody wants to sell you new springs.. No way am I gonna replace the springs for the little I'll use this trailer. If needed, I'll lathe my own out of brass-but I'd rather just buy new sleeves. Hoping somebody can tell me where to go to get replacements.

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I also need some for a utility Trailer I'm refurbishing, so let's know what you find.

I have seen some cheap nylon ones at both NAPA and tractor supply just not my size. On edit here you go lots of sizes, and great online service I use them all the time. http://www.etrailer.com/s.aspx?qry=Spring+bush

Bronco--Thanks! that was exactly what I was looking for--wonder why I couldn't find it. Anyway, after looking those over, I was thinking about going cheap cheap and just buying the nylon sleeves, but this kit looked nice and seemed to have some really good reviews. https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Suspension/Lippert-Components/LC281285.html ANd it was cheaper than 14 Bronze bushings. Guess we shall see how it works and lasts. Anyway I can just hammer off the old bolts that way and replace all the stuff without having to worry about breaking bolts or how bad they will be worn.

Anyway, this is the type of kit you really need when fixing the suspension...not the one everybody else tries to sell you with the weld on hangers and stuff.

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