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Vet in Casa Grande


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We had an emergency with our cat while in Ajo, AZ. We called one vet and they were in surgery most of the day. Another vet was recommended and we went to them:


Casa Grande Animal Hospital

1645 N. Pimal Ave.

Casa Grande, AZ


Open 7 days a week!!!!!!!!!!!!


They take drop ins until 11 AM, I don't know what happens after that.


We were impressed by their service. We walked in, 4 people waiting, I went to the desk and told them the problem. There is a sign behind the desk that critical pets will be taken first. While I was filling out the minimal paperwork, a tech came out and took our cat to evaluate it. Within 5 minutes we had a full evaluation. We knew what the outcome would be but were happy we didn't have to wait around for hours to get the cat evaluated. We were in and out of there in 15-30 minutes.

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Good to know - we stayed in Why/Ajo area for a couple of months this spring and will probably go back this fall for awhile.  There are mobile vets that come to the area on certain days of the week that you can schedule appointments with.  Glad to know where I should go in an emergency.  Thanks for the info.

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