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  1. Wonder what people use to cover the dining table? I want something I can leave on that does not slide off during travels.
  2. Nice to hear you are running agility. I am retired from running agility with my golden and cavaliers due to my knee replacement. Sold all my equipment. I competed in Akc, CPE, Nadac as well as got Canadian agilty titles. Was trial sect for my local club for 10 yrs and have been trial chair several times. Helped start the Twin Citites Cavalier Club twice a yr agilty trials. Miss the trials. I still show in conformation and hope to continue showing as we full time.
  3. We are going to Casa Grande this winter and nice to know about vet.
  4. I live near a wilderness area and have many wild animals come through my yard, thus my yard is fenced and when i camp dogs are leashed. One of the first times i camped as a 20 yr old , forty yrs ago i had my large dog loose as we hiked, surprised a deer and the dog was gone chasing the deer. We did not find him till the next night. We were thankful he was safe. Have had friends lose dogs to wolves and small dogs to eagles in addition to run in with skunks and porcupines. Glad I do not live around deadly snakes! For me my choice has been walk dogs on leash or have them contained at campsite, less worry for me.
  5. Greetings, our plans have altered and we are not selling the house at this time. My DH wants to wait a year and make sure we r ok with new lifestyle and he does not like to part with it. He is retiring in November, I in September. We will winter in Casa Grande AZ with our dogs. Than may head up to CA to visit sites we have not sen before. Hardest part now is planning on leaving house- needing to keep electric, find a security system, someone to plow, check the house, etc! Plus allthe expenses with the house and being on the road! It will be an adventure!
  6. We will be traveling with 4 small dogs, cavalier king charles spaniels, all under 20#. Any experience with campgrounds that are ok with well mannered dogs that exceed 2? We will be headed to Arizona this November than heading up California to Washington. Thanks.
  7. I wanted a device to monitor temp in camper when my husband and i leave dogs. I purchased RVPet Safety monitor that alerts phone, email, text. Was a less expensive option. Can set up what works for you. You can pay for a month or yr. Since I am not full time I start for a month when we vacation and stop when we get home. This system is TERRiBLE due to poor instructions, ecah time I unplug i need to reset but there is no written instructions and takes forever fto get an answer from company. So i than purchased the more expensive Marcell system. This monitor plugs into electric with battery back up, monitors temp, humidity and can be set with high and low parameters. Again i can pay for a month or a yr. I used it this month for a week and worked great, when i set it up on my home computer than moved to camper i received alert on my phone and was able to cancel alert, same as when i brought monitor from camper to home. The unit comes with written instructions. Hope this helps. deb
  8. Thanks to all of you, will look at the resources mentioned
  9. I am starting my research on driving from Minnesota to Alaska in summer of 2018. Wondering what month to be crossing into Canada heading to Banff, i.e.; May or June? Any thoughts on places to se, resources to take with, etc.
  10. Glad you enjoyed your time in what we call God's Country. Nothing like hearing the loons talk to each other and watching the eagles catch their meal and the smell of the earth in the morning. I think of these when I travel in areas where there is very little nature.
  11. We too are planning spring of 18. I will retire in October of 17 and my DH in Dec of 17 or April of 18. So spring 18 is the time to hit the road. We recently purchased a 2013 DRV 39 ft Tradition fifth wheel and diesel truck. We have been taking camper out on weekends to practice pulling and parking, as well as getting the hang of things. We have made many trips to stores to get the items needed. We will be traveling with our dogs and they are getting accustomed to new sleeping arrangements! Also starting process of getting house ready to sell, so there are piles of items to donate to work, to goodwill, an to sell. Oh the decisions to be made! So many details. Look forward to reading other stories.
  12. We bought the 2013 Tradition which was in very good shape and well cared for. Have been camping in the yard to learn the systems, electronics as well as make trips to local store to personalize, i.e. Command hooks, shelf liner, small plastic baskets to hold various items, etc. Than camped at campground with full hookups to really test drive the unit. Very happy with our choice. We did go to Elkhart and toured Drv, Jayco, Grand Design, CedarCreek and Heartland. Noticed very different construction methods/materials. Learned the workforce starts at 5 am and workers either done after eight hr day or by the number of units completed that day. Most are 11 to 15 units a day, Drv was two a day. Some plants do a Pdi on all units like Drv, some do 2 of 5, some are random. Tours were well worth the time to understand the industry and the market each manufacturers cater to. Now in the countdown to retirement!
  13. Thanks all for the replies. Tried joining the suites owners forum and have not been able to post. But will continue to try.
  14. Thanks, all. We have been researching for some time and had settled on 35ft than a private seller decided to sell a 38' rig that my DH has wanted but thought we would not find one. Since I must learn how to drive a bigger rig wonder if there was much difference on the road. I understand turning radius and getting into some campground/sites will be more of a challenge as I have owned one of everything and with our motorhome we ran into issues getting into some camp sites, so I figure will be the same with 5th. Now retiring and going back to fifth wheel.
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