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Greetings everyone...


Normally I am here to ask a question since I have found no better place to get an answer or a direction when I have a problem.


Today however I thought I would share something that I discovered, in case someone can else can use the information.

Also, feel free to laugh.


Today I tried to make a minor repair using a screw in the vicinity of my holding tanks. As my luck would have it, I managed to screw into the gray tank. My first thought (after the one about how stupid I was) was that now I no longer have a minor repair, but a major repair. Or, could the leak be fixed? Replacing the tank was a scary thought, and I knew caulk wouldn't cut it, so......


Empty the tank, and off to the neighborhood home repair store (you know, one of the BIG ones!)


There I discovered something called JB "Water Weld". It's an epoxy that, according to the store associate, is made for wet situations and even works underwater. It's a putty that you knead between you fingers and then apply.


Skeptical, I bought a tube (about 6 bucks) and went to take on the repair. A little sanding around the hole, knead the "dough", and press into place.


I cannot believe that it lived up to the hype. It was fully cured in one hour (as it says on the package, but I am in the desert at the moment) and after taking a long shower, I checked to find that it did in fact stop the leak completely, and the plug didn't want to come off even with me picking at it!


Amazing! Leave it to JB!


It is supposed to withstand 900 psi, far more than my 29 gal tank will probably ever create at that little hole. We shall see, but I feel confident......


Hope this helps.

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I had some good luck with some cheap brand of epoxy like this on one of the white/opaque ones. I repaired a black tank at a critical joint where the piping starts just before it made the turn toward the dump valve. The hardest part was getting it dried out even on the inside of the tank to where there were not ANY drips. I used an epoxy called MarineTex.


A couple of years ago I had some major damage due to running over a "road alligator" and learned about plastic welding tanks. I had not done it so I ended up getting someone who did it "proffessionally" for $80. It could have been more depending on the repair but that was actually $20. under his base price to come out and do it on site. He cut me a break to $75. because he appreciated that I was volunteering with the Forest Service but all I had was $20's and he didn't have change and I was real happy even if it had been more.


I like the idea of the eternabond over the repair in you case but I would not make it much bigger in case you ever had to get it off and do something different. One of my big worries in both cases was not to do something that would mess it up so it couldn't be repaired.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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