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Recomendation Phoenix area to get TV updated to flat screen

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Your recomendation for Phoenix area, upgrading old TV to flat screen, for 2003 class A, 30' Allegro, TV located above windshield


Thank you for your replies--we on the road & interested in what it would take to make that modification since we are in an area with a number of RV service's available--Thanks Kirk, we did rework the TV cabinate for a replacement TV about eight years ago when we experience a distructive surge at the Escapee's Livingston short term camp facility. We've have seen photos of the flat screen modification but we'er not familiar with the actural process.


1/5/16, evening--Today we visited D & R Family RV. Found that they had done our solar installation in 2003.

They will do our flat screen installation. Thank you for your helpful replies.

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Are you sure that you do not want to make the change yourself? It really isn't a difficult job unless you want to totally change the location and cabinetry. I found that ours was quite easily done even though I increased the screen size significantly. I'd suggest that before you go out and hire someone, pull out the existing TV and look at how it is mounted and consider what you need to do.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

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In Mesa is www.rvrenovators.com they do outstanding custom interior work.


I agree with this recommendation - they do great work but they are not cheap. When I was there for repairs one time, I asked for an estimate to replace my refrigerator with a residential unit - just the labor for cabinet modifications and installation, not the cost of the refrigerator. I had a severe case of sticker shock!

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