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Who to Watch as Lithium Boom Rocks Nevada


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This isn't about Tesla. The shred outs from the Tesla Gigafactory, and the anticipated demand from Chinese EV manufacturers to buy Telsa batteries as well as the raw material is causing a spike in Lithium mining and development companies.


I do not know a thing about investing. A claim I have made many times before. I di not buy in and sell after a short while to take profits. I am a long term investor only as I do not need any supplement to my retirement. We don't depend on investments to generate any of our living expenses. So I stay out of the market except for one stock I had waited for years to be able to buy. And it went public right after the big recession period of 2007-2010, and came through just as I retired again and needed a place to put my payroll back up funds that had grown to more than intended. And I was NOT going to leave my money in my Bank who paid and pays less than $100 a year interest per $10k invested!


Along the way I have told everyone here about Tesla when it was a bargain, but most folks were uninformed and justifiably skeptical. Since I have tried to outline the related industries and commodities coming online from the Solar City side, the Tesla side, the Gigafactory side ( Lithium), and the Powerwall side.


All of these are obvious to me and many others, but some skeptics have a pride investment and perhaps a lot in oil and gas or coal.


For the rest, and those with experience in both investing, and commodities, here is an article from Yahoo Finance explaining the why of a market uptick in Lithium interests.


I do not recommend it, nor understand commodity trading other than that it is for the buyer/seller investor and that is not me.


What do the commodity traders here think of this:


"LONDON, December 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --


As the energy storage revolution gains rapid momentum, with Nevada as ground zero, lithium exploration company Dajin Resources Corp. (TSX-V:DJI) (DJIFF) (Frankfurt A1XF20) is poised for long-term gains as the everyday commodity prepares for an explosive demand spike.


While other commodities flounder, Lithium is still making significant gains for investors looking to get in on the next big energy game. Carried along by already steady demand from the consumer electronics market, lithium demand is set to spike even further as Tesla's (TSLA) battery gigafactory comes online in Nevada, sparking massive competition that will render lithium one of the most prized commodities on Earth.


Most of the world's lithium comes from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Australia and China, but American resources are now being developed that will position Nevada as the proving ground for the game-changing trade in lithium.


The reality of the battery gigafactories is now clear, and nothing has hit this home more poignantly than Tesla's recent supply agreements with lithium providers, who will be the first beneficiaries of this boom."


The whole article with the details and related links to other details is here:



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