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What is the size of (diameter) of chrome exhaust pipe?

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Under the category of "STUFF HAPPENS", while driving to Tucson, my tail pipe fell off from the muffler to the end of the chrome extension.


I have a 1999 Dutch Star MH with the side radiator. The exhaust tip comes out the passenger side very near the rear passenger side of the MH.


At the muffler, the diameter is 5", but if my memory serves me correctly, the exhaust tip is 3"--4" in diameter. I am pretty sure that it is NOT 5".


Secondly, does the reducer in the elbow coming out of the muffler? There is only about 10" from the end of the muffler to the end of the MH, so if it DOES reduce, it doesn't have much room to do it.


Does anyone have a similar model MH that could check theirs, and measure it or even better, measure it and send a picture.


THANKS! and have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

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RayIN, on 18 Nov 2015 - 10:19 PM, said:

My Spartan chassis with Cummins ISC engine has 5" chrome tip. I seriously doubt any engine mfgr. would approve of reducing the size of the tail-pipe for a diesel engine. Engine performance depends on getting the exhaust away from the turbo as fast as possible.

Agreed, it wouldn't make sense to reduce the size of the exhaust outlet creating a bottleneck for no good reason, and if I had one I would replace it,

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my muffler is starting to rust....soon I am going to remove it and eliminate it....straight pipe all the way and no restrictions at all.

My muffler(original) is a straight-through, free-flow type. Everyone who follows me in a caravan says they can hear my exhaust over any other MH they follow. When it rusts out, straight-pipe all the way can't be any louder.

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