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Replacing the Tracvision Domed Roof Sat


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I'm seriously considering replacing the Tracvision Domed Roof Sat on our 2004 Newmar Dutch Star with a Winegard Traveler DirecTV HD SK-SWM3 and mounting it on the Travler Mounting Plate. Has anyone done this and if so, do the new screw holes line up with the old ones. Any other issue occur if you have done this mod?

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I changed to a Trav'ler from an older Winegard automatic roof dish. You can count on the screw pattern to be different.


Therefore the first step after removing the old dish is to seal the old holes. Hopefully the old hole will be under the Trav'ler.


The coax cables are easily reusable. Since you are going to a SWM dish, you might have to do something to take the probable two coax cables (front of coach and bedroom) to be a common cable the SWM uses.


The biggest challenge is the control cable. I was lucky that the old control cable had more wires than the new control cable. I cut the control cable and spliced wires so I didn't have to run the new control cable thru the roof.


If the old control cable has less wires than the new control cable, you will have to run that thru the roof. Hopefully you can use the old control cable to pull the new control cable. A hindrance will be if the old control cable was attached to the coach framework and how well the attachment was.

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