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Anyone "fulltiming" in a 22' to 24' Class B?


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As a follow up to a previous topic and question asked... our elderly neighbors have really become interested in the possibility of

going full time in an RV and have asked us about the idea of the Class B van conversion style for travel and living in.....


Quite frankly, I have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of this type RV except that it appears as if Mercedes Benz is an engine in many of these "coaches".


Please reply with any and all comments, suggestions,, ideas, etc. regarding the idea of "fulltiming" in a class B.


Sure seems overly "cozy" read confining to me, but that is an opinion only.


Thanks for your input......

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We lasted 4 months before admitting the space in a 24' Class B was too small for two of us. We upsized to a 24' class C and that worked but it was still tight. Once Dave stopped traveling with me I went back to a 24' Class B and it was perfect for me traveling alone but I was then snow birding so only living in it for 6 moths per year while leaving some stuff back in the apartment with Dave. I don't know anyone who succeeded in living full-time in a Class B who didn't also have off site storage of one type or another. The main downside of traveling two in a rig that size is that every time one wants to move the other has to find an out of the way place to sit. There is no passing in the aisle. Plus, you can't really take much with you since there is neither space nor weight capacity for stuff. If you are an experienced backpacker and you can think of your Class B as a hard side tent you can do it. :)


Linda Sand

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For a couple... I don't think I would want to try that. I know of a few solo's that manage quite well but it's pretty frugal living space. I think one might go stir crazy if you hit a patch of bad weather and we're trapped climbing over the top of each other for any length of time. Of course, anything is possible but it sure wouldn't be very comfortable. As Linda mentioned as well... storage space would be limited to the extreme, although, I suppose a small trailer could be towed behind. If you are going to do that though you might as well go with a class c.


It's not something I would want to try even as a solo.

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our elderly neighbors

This description is a very important part of the question. It appears that you are speaking of a couple who have no previous RV experience and who may be at a point in life where flexibility and adaptability are beginning to fade. Moving about in an RV so small is much more of a challenge if your age has brought you physical limitations, especially if you aren't really familiar with how things work and are used.


All of this said, we do have neighbors who are now in the early 80's that travel in a class B, but not fulltime. They have nearly 20 years as fulltimers before they built a home in our community and downsized to the RV which they now own. But they do not spend all of their time in the RV when on the road but stop at a motel/hotel for a day or two about once a week. By their description, "we eat most of our breakfasts and lunches in the RV" but not that many of their main meals. The reason for the choice of RV is that the class B is far less challenge to drive and park, it supplies them a bed and all critical facilities that are available everywhere they go, but can still be parked at a motel anytime that they wish to have more luxurious accommodations.


We have never known even one couple who were fulltime in a class B and very few singles who did so for more than a year or two.


If memory serves, you or someone asked a very similar question about older people beginning to RV or doing so full-time quite a while back. I do not recall if you responded, but am still wondering what age you mean by your term, elderly? I can tell you that we are still RVing for several months at a time in a smaller travel trailer as we get near the mid 70's, but we are not new to RVing and that is a very different thing than it is to continue to do so.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

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I've been in my 22' 9" class B since August 1 with another adult and 3 dogs. No problem. We've had to make some sacrifices because of the lack of space, but we find the room adequate. Mostly we live outside the van anyway. We're in there to sleep and prep food or drive. That's about it. I carry a screen house and chairs and a portable picnic table. I usually cook outside, unless I can't drive out of the rain. We still love the van and living in it.

Traveling with Shadow and his rubber chicken.

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