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Need help South Tx RV Park


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You might make a first cut with rvparkreviews.com, and then look into the list of "nearby" provided with every entry.



Look for an area of the screen that has the following format:


Cities near McAllen, Texas

Edinburg, Texas 4.81 miles NE

Pharr, Texas 5.36 miles SE

San Juan, Texas 5.88 miles SE

Mission, Texas 6.83 miles SW

Palmview, Texas 6.83 miles SW

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Are you going for work or to winter? Makes a difference on the location. We winter in Palmview west of Mission, probably within 10 miles of McCook, but no real easy, quick way to get there. If you have a bit of time, check into Mission West RV Resort for a week or so and explore the area. Lots can be rented on a monthly basis at the "Martin Ranches" from lot owners, This is for the most part a group of 9 fully developed 55+ RV/MH/stick built sub-divisions, just drive through and look for the signs. There are some parks close to Edinburg on the way to McCook on TX107, Citrus Valley comes to mind as some of our friends have stayed there for several years, not fancy, but at the right end of McAllen for access to McCook.

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