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Ruby’s Illegitimate

Jim & Wilma

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We pick up Ruby, our Volvo 730, from Larry Herrin in three weeks and getting excited. We have a small problem however . . . . Ruby’s not legal yet.


When we picked her up in Canada, I had the state VIN verification paperwork certified by an Ontario LEO. We drove straight to Kilgore and when we got home, we submitted all our paperwork (EPA cert, Volvo emissions cert, Ontario title, safety inspection, Customs form 7501 and etc) along with the VIN verification to the state. Everything’s in order, it’s all good . . . except the VIN verification has to be signed by an officer within the US and I’m a thousand miles away.


No problem, I’m thinking Larry probably knows an LEO who can help. It’s the simplest task possible, open the driver’s door, look on the column and verify the number matches the number on the form and sign your name. Well, seems Kilgore PD doesn't usually do VIN verifications, leaving it to the vehicle inspection folks and so on and that isn’t going to work for us.


Somehow this will all work out. If anybody has ideas or knows an LEO near Kilgore who could help, Ruby and I’d be indebted.

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Do you have something like a county sheriff nearby? A lot of times they are a lot more relaxed about things and happy to help out.


I had to get a similar verification on a VW I'd imported into the US and the local city police department was as like to shoot me for asking as to sign anything, the Sheriff sent an officer by my house to take care of me.

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I would have said that DPS was more likely than the local Sheriff. If you were in Houston I could get it done for you but Larry is nowhere near here.


And no, it really isn't as simple as you make it sound, or at least it shouldn't be if done properly. I recovered a stolen F-350 last month that had been the victim of a VIN switch. The door sticker and the metal dash plate came off of a wrecked (and totaled) truck and put on a stolen one. Tool marks on the metal plate gave them away. You need to find a department with someone trained to locate the partial VIN on the frame to match to the ones that you can see. That is the true purpose of having the verification done and why I would start with the departments large enough to have an auto theft unit.


I'd start by making phone calls to the larger police departments along your route home.

The regional office for DPS is in Garland (wrong way for you) but you might call them and ask if they know where you might get it done.

Ask for someone in Auto Theft.

Region 1 (Garland)
350 West IH-30
Garland, TX 75043
Tel: (214) 861-2271
Fax: (214) 861-2464

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