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I'm measuring the tread on my tires, and I remember someone telling me that when the depth of the tread gets down to 2/32 of an inch, you should change out your tires. Is this correct or is some other measurment better.

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This comes from Tire Rack website.


Tread depth is a vertical measurement between the top of the tread rubber to the bottom of the tire's deepest grooves. In the United States, tread depth is measured in 32nds of an inch. Because it is difficult to accurately measure tread depth with a ruler, tread depth is best measured with a tire tread depth gauge. When tires have neared the end of their life, a U.S. Lincoln penny can also be used to confirm the tire's tread depth. If Lincoln's entire head is visible, the tire is worn to approximately 2/32" and is considered legally worn out in most States.

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2/32 is one-sixteenth of on inch, and that is virtually nothing when you think about it. Grab a ruler and check out how little a sixteenth of an inch is.


I just replaced the tires on my truck and know that had at least one-eighth (4/32) of an inch left but I just don't care about getting another few months of service out of them before I have to replace them. I'm in the "better safe than sorry" camp on tires.

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