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List of boondocking locations in Northern Nevada


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As there doesn't seem to be an 'introduce yourself here' type forum... figured I'd introduce myself with a list of places we like to boondock in our area, perhaps others will add more to this list (always looking for places to get away from it all!). These locations are all in the desert so tree's are pretty much non-existant. Gravel roads are subject to change..etc... The 'names' are just names we made up to help is remember each one. We're travling in a small TT (20' stem to stern, 2750#) towed by a Ram 1500 4wd 5.7ltr so we've got tons of power and traction for our setup. Some of these locations may be okay for larger trailers.


We primarily boondock to get away from it all, and rockhound. Many of these locations are also good places for rockhounding.


West/North of Lovelock

'Ranch Camp' - north end of Rye Patch Reservoir. Large Area, accessible via maintained gravel road... There's even a dump station at a campground south end of the reservoir, I believe they expect day use fee payment to dump there (or camping there)
N40° 41.330' W118° 14.730'

Tunnel Camp...Camp - Near a ghost town, Seven Troughs road is usually well maintained.
Several other pull offs in the area
N40° 26.482' W118° 46.008'

The following 3 off Nevada 399 west of LoveLock. It's BLM land, the road is paved so dispersed camping may not be technically legal. However once you get to Agate Camp there's very little traffic (nearly none) and the pavement pretty much ends anyway. The main use of this road is for a diatamacous earth mining operation, so during weekdays you have to be aware of the truck traffic.

- View Camp - This is on an outcropping with a really nice view of a valley. Ground is very soft, I think due to animal burrows or just the nature of the area... might be hard to use stab jacks
N40° 16.464' W118° 44.994'

- Agate Camp - This is lightly used, has a couple of existing fire pits. Ground is very soft in areas so with a trailer you'd want to jocky around for a good spot. Not recommended for anything much beyond 20' TT (40' total)
right accross the road are the 'agate pits'... this is a great place to collect agate, jasper and sometimes petrified wood.
N40° 16.464' W118° 45.199'

- Pull Through - Sort of a turnout.
N40° 16.145' W118° 45.914'

Northeast of Lovelock - Coal Canyon Road

Basically an intersection in the middle of nowhere.. Dirt road heading northeast leads to a bit of a plateua with lots of room to camp. There are plenty of other areas around here, it's BLM with a fair amount of range cattle..
N40° 08.448' W118° 12.614'



Nightingale Hot Springs

Just about any road heading northwards will have places you can camp, small trailers probably best. Roads can be very sketchy, there's an active mining operation so some of the roads get traffic.

Bonfire Camp - signs of bonfire here, pretty large..
N39° 57.150' W119° 04.948'

Probably a good spot, very close to the freeway so maybe a bit noisy
N39° 51.703' W119° 02.564'

East Side Pyramid Lake/Lake Winnemucca

A bit of a staging area for off highway vehicles, but would work in a pinch.
N39° 56.610' W119° 22.843'

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Welcome to the forums! Happy to have you join us. We don't have a special forum for introductions but probably the most common ones for that are the General and the Beginner's but it really doesn't matter. You are welcome to join in with any forum or subject. :D

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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Thanks for this post. This is the kind of thread/post that I really enjoy as you've taken the time to include coordinates. that allows us map lovers to zoom in and check things out.


I'm new to escapees as well but I guess I can welcome you aboard as well.


Again, thanks for the coordinates, great post!!



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