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5W suspension repairs


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I have a 2004 Jayco 5W that I bought privately in 2009. I have travelled some 80,000 miles with it. I try to keep it in good condition and would like to keep it for a few more years.

However, in the last 12 months I have had shackle link straps break on 3 occasions and last month the rear frame spring hanger broke.
I weighed the truck and 5W last month and the various axle weights seem to be below my limits.

Is this bad luck? Or is this when things start to deteriorate? Am I missing something? Time to trade?

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Have you been replacing the links and hangers if they are found to be worn when you grease them? They do wear, even if you upgrade to ones that are easier to grease from the factory ones that are cheap and hard to keep lubed.


I'd trade, not the rig but all of the wearing suspension parts for high quality replacements.


Also look for signs of stress from the forces generated by tight turns when the tires are shoved sideways enough to scrub. Anything that looks bent or shows signs of stress (cracked rust or paint can be clues) should probably be replaced at your next service. Cheap and easy to replace in the shop or if you are working on the rig yourself, not so easy if they break at a bad time.


A quick check of the U bolts holding the axles can be worth it too, there are some folks out there running with a broken one and facing real problems if the last one lets go.

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I really appreciate your response. I was ready to give up.
I have not been doing any regular maintenance service on the suspension (or any other systems). I bought 4 michelins which are due to be replaced. And I had the bearings repacked and the brakes checked.
So now I'm looking for a trailer/truck place to get them checked and greased and replaced.
I agree it has not been easy dealing with these problems on the Interstate.

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I learned the hard way too, you do not even want to know what it costs to get a mobile RV service guy to bring enough jacks to lift an entire 30 foot fiver enough to get new parts installed to Clint's Well, AZ. Our whole suspension let go, 3 out of 4 axle ends were against the frame rails. We consider ourselves lucky, if the repair guy wouldn't have agreed to come out from Cottonwood we'd have had to get it trailered to Flagstaff at double what he charged to do the job and then have to pay for the repairs once there.


This looks good, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIldNMCPZSg

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It does pay to do preventative maintenance on these rigs. Our daughter lost the rear axle on her horse trailer with one of her show horses on board. Fortunately, she was making a slow tight turn in a parking lot when it happened and the entire axle came off and ended up about 10 feet behind the trailer. Apparently the axle frame mounts were fatigued and the front axle mounts were also showing stress cracks too so there was a lot of work for the fabrication shop to do so her trailer was safe to use again. Scares me to think if it had occurred at highway speeds.

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The rubber components on our rigs Dexter EZ Flex tandem axle set up looks quit compressed (compared to the photos on Dexter's website)and also exhibits several cracks in the rubber. I plan to replace them soon and rather then doing a direct replacement was wondering if anyone has experience with the Mor Ryde CRE300 or LRE400 suspension http://www.morryde.com/products/89-lre4000-re-suspension-system?filter%5B%5D=all&filter%5B%5D=9 components or could recommend something else for that matter.



PS Here is a link to the Dexter EZ Flex http://www.dexteraxle.com/inc/sdetail/18102 setup in case you are interested.

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HI Boston Rob!

First in my opinion you did very well getting 80K miles without serious suspension issues!

I have just finished the 2nd. suspension rebuild on our 2001 Alfa Toy House. I haven't documented the miles on my trailer, which I think we all should so we can properly maintain the suspension. Brakes not so hard they get checked when we repack the bearings. They should be checked at least every other year Now all this depends on your usage! In the 13 years we have owned our trailer I'm sure I have put on close to your 80K. JMHO, I would say every 30K miles a good thorough going over is prudent PM.

There are wear bushings in the end of spring eyes that wear out. Older ones are brass/ bronze new ones are plastic/nylon. Punch those out and tap new ones in. However the brackets that the spring ends and spring equalizers get pined into tend to get wallered out as well as the equalizers. Most factory RV suspensions don't have "WET" pins so they cant be greased. Replace those pins with greasable pins, those with "ZERK" Fittengs.




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