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Udating lighting fixtures from brass to brushed nickel


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We have decided to update our RV instead of buying new. I am looking for 120v wall sconces similar to this which is available at Camping World but only in 12V....:(

The problem I am having is that I need to have a light fixture with an on/off switch.


Any ideas where to find one that doesn't cost a fortune? I have found some similar ones for $200- $300 online but would prefer less than $100.



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Amazon has a huge selection, took me an evening to look at lights for our back porch but I found a nice one for a good price.


You should be able to easily add a power switch to a lot of lights if you find one you like that doesn't have one. A simple push-button one like on the 12 volt light above is an easy option needing only a small hole drilled in the lamp base.





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I don't know how much room you have in your sconces, but at a former house, I had screw-in light sockets (you screwed the piece in between the bulb and the socket you normally screwed the bulb into. When you touched any metal part on the light fixture, it would go on or off. I guess I should have looked to see if those still existed before posting this.... :-{

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Yes they do, you can also buy a module that will do the same thing if you stuff it in the light mount and connect a sensor wire to the light.


Some cats do not deal well with the touch sensors though, they will be blinking the light at you every time they get bored. Stupid furballs. :-)

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We carried my pair of touch lamps packed in a bay because they were one of the few things I couldn't use in the RV that I refused to part with. I bought them many years ago and they still do exactly what I want them to do--let me turn on/off the light without having to find a switch. Nice to know I can now get an adapter that would let me replace these if they ever die.


Linda Sand

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UPDATE: Found some wall sconces at a local lighting store. They didn't have a switch and the salesman recommended these: http://www.globalindustrial.com/p/electrical/lighting-indoor/fixture-parts/on-off-touch-switch?infoParam.campaignId=T9F&gclid=CPDLzJP31ccCFYZefgodqmQIeQ


They fit perfectly behind the wall sconce base and I just touch the metal edge and they go on and off. Couldn't find a picture of the sconce but it was very similar to the camping world product.

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