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Goodyear 661 on a Class A MH


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We're ready to replace our 245/75R 22.5 Goodyear 670's. The price has skyrocketed over the past few years. The distributor recommended we use the 661's & said they have several customers who have them and are satisfied,


Does anyone have experience with the 661 (good or bad)?




Paul Gray

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That is a truck tire and they are designed to be high mileage tires, spending very little time sitting in one spot without turning. Most such tires do very well when in near constant use but do not fare nearly as well if you let them sit because they depend upon the heat and flexing of the sidewalls when traveling to keep the compounds in good condition, but age quickly when sitting still. The G670 is specially compounded to hold up to RV use where they spend more time sitting still than traveling down the road. That is supposed to prevent moisture penetration into the steel belts, as can happen with other tires when not rolling on the highways. It also makes them less susceptible to many other issues associated with sitting.


I have never run any G661 tires but did use two sets of G670 tires with excellent results.


The new tire coverage of this warranty ends when the treadwear indicators become visible
or five (5) years from the date of purchase, whichever occurs first. The only exception is
weather cracking, which carries a seven (7) year warranty from the date of purchase or when
the treadwear indicators become visible, whichever occurs first. Without proof of
purchase, date of manufacture will be used to determine eligibility.

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