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yea Ha.... my first workamping Job

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Would you be willing to give any details how you found out about these jobs, new to RVing and my wife retires in 5 years. We want to go full time but i most find a job while we are on the road. Was thinking about online jobs and came here to see what the experienced folks have to say. Thanks

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He's traveling to Georgia. cwrickard - there are free listings of job positions with postings almost daily. There is also workampernews.com where you can subscribe and see job listings on a hotline daily, or there is a published magazine with listings that you have access to. Do a google search for jobs for rvers and you should come up with some of the sites. Not sure I can post the sights here for you or not.

Pat DeJong

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Well, I'll put in my 2 cents. We have volunteered as park hosts at 4 different state park systems over 8 years. We usually choose what part of the country then look at state park websites, all have a volunteer section. Usually, you just fill out an application and send or email. We just started our first paying position at a COE park that dropped in our lap. My sister lives in NW Arkansas and we visit every year and stay at a COE park. When we arrived there was no host in the booth. When I talked to the ranger they said the host had to quit for medical reasons. I told them we had volunteered for years and would they consider us. A week later we started volunteering. We volunteered for 5 weeks then they found a new contract person. We left, then got called by the ranger that the person didn't work out and would we come back for pay. We got our DUNS number and all that you need for the COE and will work July 29 - Oct 31. We have decided we will bid for the job for next year and see what happens. We have no guarantees of getting the job. Anyway, you never know when an opportunity will come up, ask at any park you stay. Workamper News is an excellent resource to find listings, also.

Jan & Thomas

2012 Drv Mobile Suite 5'r

2012 Ford F350 Super Duty

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Wow what a wirlwind I've been on, Went to my first workamping job and it was almost as advertised, but working in Georgia in 98 degree 100 % humidity was not for me. They had plenty of work, mostly cutting grass, painting, carpentry projects, way more contractor projects than workamping. I lasted 2 1/2 weeks in the heat. Gave them my notice, did all I could do. Waited till they got another camper in to replace me and accepted a job with KOA in Kentucky, they were happy, I was much happier, better suited work (camp host).

Sp my lesson here to pass on is don't jump at any job, be a responsible workamper, we need to remember we represent all workampers and to cut and run from a job will discourage the campground from hiring more workampers.

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