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High beam headlights don't work

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Hi to all but I'm aiming this at Kirk since he is the electrical guru. We have a 2001 Fleetwood Southwind on the Ford F53 chassis. My problem is this. I have low beam headlights but no high beams. I lose the low beams when I activate the high beams. I took the multifunction switch apart looking for all the corrosion that I had read about but it was fairly clean. I went ahead and cleaned it up and put it back together fully expecting a miracle but still no high beams. My question is, should all 4 bulbs be on during high beam operation or do the low beams go off and only the high beam bulbs come on? I'm not a electrical person but I figured I could fix this. Now, I'm not so sure. I have a wiring diagram but it's like Greek to me. I have checked all the fuses I can find. I don't know if there is a headlight relay or not. So, knowing that Kirk used to have the same chassis, I'm hoping he can help me. If anybody else has a suggestion, jump in. I'm all ears. And eyes. You know what I mean.




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Thanks. I seem to have found my problem and it is now fixed. Both high and low beams come on together when on high. After much digging and searching, I found a fuse that had fallen out of the fuse block inside of the fuse block cover. Once it was put in properly, everything came to life. Whattayaknow?



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Good to hear that you did solve your problem! I'll respond to your questions even so, just in case it may help at some future time.


First of all, yes the F53 does use a headlight relay. As to the 2 headlight issue, I don't remember if both should come on as our Cruise Master had only single headlights and used the two element lights with only one used when on high beams. I would have expected that both operated with dual lights as that is the most common way, but it could be wired either way by the coach builder.


I am glad that you found that fuse as that was where I was about to suggest that you look since the F53 chassis(or at least mine did) has a fuse for high beam and one for low beam. The high beam fuse is of larger value and the reason you lost low when shifting to the high beam selection is that both dual lights then are powered via the high beam contacts and fuse, to allow the coach builder to connect them for either one dual element light or a pair of dual lights such as you have.


I suggest that if you have one, you should review the fuse diagrams in your chassis owner's manual as the manual does a pretty good job of describing where each fuse is and what it supplies. There are two major fuse blocks installed from Ford and any fuse that is labeled starting with "body builder" and then some item means that it is there for equipment normally supplied and installed by the coach manufacturer. An example would be the clearance lights which do not come with the chassis.

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