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The Ello Bill of Rights for Social Network Users


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Why is this so hard for folks to adhere to? I have long been known for not using FaceCrook or Fritter, and have taken a stand on Net Neutrality and privacy that precludes egregious invasions of my privacy traded for imagined security or free programs.


I did join Ello because it adheres to that strictly. Is it not as much fun? beats me, I don't go there much and haven't really built a home page yet just a placeholder. I get nothing but a weekly email showing me what is up with the website itself and showcasing some of the talent there.


If you haven't heard of it you might want to look at their bill of rights here: https://bill-of-rights.ello.co/


If one is looking for popularity contests with no depth to earn them you will not find them on Ello.



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