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Ya just never know who you will meet....


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So, we're 18 days into our month trip on the Oregon coast. I'm buffing out the side of my trailer and this other camper pops over and says "can I come over and talk?". Sure.


He introduces himself then says...wait for it..."This was my truck. I bought it new and....".




What are the chances of running into the original owner of your MDT at some random RV park hundreds of miles from both of ours home bases.


When we bought the truck, on consignment through a International dealer in Portland, just after we put down the ernest money, the salesman mentioned that we beat locking the truck deal by just hours. Another buyer wanted the truck. It was the camper here. He wanted his truck back to pull his new rig.


Needless to say, he and I are chatting about what he did to the rig, etc.


Ya just never know.

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My wife and I have been amazed at what a small world we live in. We have had similar events and chance meetings happen in some of the most unexpected places. We actually look forward to traveling in part because of these types of events.


What a nice thing for you to find. You, no doubt, got all kinks of good info from the previous owner, an added plus to you.


Happy trails and be on the lookout for the unexpected! Dennis

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That would be kinda fun. Our next trip before I start teaching again late Aug. will most likely be Colorado's wine country (Palisades , Grand Junction area).


As we all notice with our 'larger than life' tow vehicles, we get a lot of attention. Passes the time some days.


And on we roll.

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