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LLC in Montana


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Hi There.. We have been members now for 11 years and have travelled all 50 states owning two trucks and 3 trailers. This year we are buying another truck and intend to spend around $35,000.


We have known for many years that some RVers register their motor home via purchasing a LLC in Montana to keep the taxes down to very little.

We are now thinking of doing the same when we buy our next truck. We have googled a few companies but would prefer to go with a company that is recommended by another member here.... that had a good experience and for a reasonable price.


Please do not post back negative things like we have seen on RV.net regarding insurance and finance we are all good in that department thank you ..


Much appreciate your help with this.


Julea & Alan Field


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Julea and Alan,


It seems like the most frequently recommended place to get a MT LLC on this forum has been Bennett Law Offices. I doubt their services would be cost effective for a $35,000 purchase when you consider annual fees. You're probably better off without an LLC in your situation unless you find a significantly less expensive option. Maybe someone else knows of one they have liked.





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Ours was $590 Corp fee

$25 yearly fee for them to do paper $15 if we do it.


And $150 for them to set it up.



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I suggest that you at least talk with Bennett Law Office since they will charge you noting at all for a consultation and often advice not to pursue the LLC if it doesn't seem financially beneficial without any charge at all.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

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Hi Guys


OZeRV Thank you so much for that info, you must have read ir minds , we did find the comany from a google search and after calling

Bennett Law we called them.


As the truck we are buyng is only $35K is wasn't worth going with Bennett as they wanted $1300 set up fee and another $500 vehicle

registration .


The 49dollar company is an all in flat fee of $800. Not sure about the yearly renewal of the registration I will have to cal the local DMV for that.


Well after speaking with the 49dollar company we wondered if any one else had used them and then within hours you posted the above.


Thank you again for your input.


Julea & Alan UK

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