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AGM batteries-the good bad & ugly?

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Looks like one of my 3 swallowed a watermelon seed. Going to replace all 3, I think they are grp 31's. Any comments on quality brands or good deals welcome. I'll check them out when I have confirmed the group & AH rating of mine. Tks!

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Kind of curious on the watermelon.. What happend there?? I take it you have/had 3 12v'rs? I'm not aware of any sales going on at the moment. Pretty much the height of the RV season so it might be a bit difficult finding a rock bottom deal. I'll keep my ears to the ground,

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That doesn't sound good. Sounds like it might have been overcharged or charged at too high of a rate. AGMs are sensitive to overcharging (faster than the GM can A the hydrogen). You might want to check your charger for proper function after you replace them. Usually Group 31 size batteries are "marine" batteries, meaning that they are not true deep cycle batteries but hybrids. To confirm this look for a CCA rating on the battery. If there is one, it is not a true deep cycle. I would recommend replacing them with a pair of quality GC-2 batteries, if you have the room (like Trojan' Reliant line of AGMs.) They will cycle deeper and last longer. If you want (or need) to stick with a group 31 then Trojan's Overdrive is one of the best you can get in a group 31 AGM. http://www.trojanbattery.com/reliantagm/



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Not up on the Group 31 battery, but for 8D or L16's like I have, Lifeline's and Rolls are two of the better AGM's brands. Shopping for these brands, and if I remember right Concord (Which makes several rebranded AGM), you might check to see what prices you can find for them. In comparison to other brands. And Trojan is the battery source I look to when going wet. But I have no knowledge on where their AGM's slot into the mix. With their reputation, I'd guess they'd slot in just a notch below the Lifeline and Rolls - but that is just a guess on my part.


And yes to being sure your charger is set for the proper AGM setting, and working correctly.


Best of luck on your search!!


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