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Casino parking in Reno, Nv?


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In my limited experience with casinos I've found that even if they have an RV park, you can demonstrate that you're going in and gambling they'll leave you alone in the parking lot. This is especially true if there are a lot of big trucks parked there too. We try to join their gambling "club" (whatever they call it) and spend some time playing with that club card to demonstrate that we aren't just there for cheap buffet and an overnight parking spot.


We have called casinos in advance to ask them if they mind if we park overnight and had them tell us that we'd be asked to leave at midnight... only to discover that literally a hundred RVs and big trucks were parked behind the casino and not in the $28 a night RV park they had.


I am not sure if this would work everywhere because sometimes there are municipal ordinances forbidding anyone from sleeping overnight in a vehicle parked in a parking lot. But I suspect that if the truckers can do it, you can too.



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I win enough at the buffet to make dropping a few bucks at the slots less painful.


I'd check out the casino website and call ahead if the info isn't there. We stayed at a few places for free if they didn't have an RV park, ones that did usually didn't do free camping too.

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Do any of the casinos in Reno, Nv allow overnight RV parking?

I was at Reno in early april I call one of the big casinos and they said that Reno has a new ordinance that you can not sleep in an RV inside city limits. I drove out to Sparks and checked with security at the Rail City Casino he directed me to an area where there were several other RV's parked. had some food and a few beers in the casino and had a uneventful night


Good luck

Ron W

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This from Gypsy Journal: Reno: The city has an ordinance prohibiting RVers from spending the night anywhere but an RV park. While some casinos have allowed overnight parking, the city recently sent them letters informing them of the ordinance and telling them to stop the practice.

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